The Flip-Side Revisited

Virtual reality is a no-man’s land. There’s no censorship on the internet. Where’s an authority to inform if any harmful information is seen online by an innocent civilian?

Monitoring the internet would be a massive task. Currently there are few laws. Who would police it, polfed? Ask Labour? Who immediately protests? Who thrives on chaos? The internet has real power as a platform for vital information and communication, as an active mirror of the world, current and past.

Here I further explain details given in my previous blog (The Flip-Side Of Hell, 5 November 2012) about information of some organisations I had discovered online in a village internet cafe, on 19 and 20 May 2010.

Facts matter. What I saw was printed, but it can’t be believed by whistle-blowing or local police, it’s ignored. How is my information not credible? What about concern for the wider public – ignorant, innocent and potentially unprotected? The problem is also, who’s to blame? Why should a law-abiding British citizen be punished for looking at legal and government approved websites? Who is in charge? I wish I could have closure and be able to earn a living now, it’s a strain carrying on like this! It’s absurd!

Ride the rapids, cope and keep going, try to find a way out. It’s a constant battle alone. A fluke? Witnessing a stable society precariously rocking on a glistening bullet-tip, watching citizens and politicians wrapped in a flimsy sense of false security, ignites a deeply-rooted British instinct that knows how to fight. Be brave.

The media shapes our view. Broach the dangerous information, the reality, publicly. Open the subject. Break through media lies. Why be afraid to speak the plain truth? We need to remove the fear. Reprisals happen, that’s for the Police to handle as crimes must be solved by them. What’s the end result – society saved? Turn the tables, get the upperhand. Is it embarrassing to be a modern Traditionalist?

Revealing Notes

Now revisiting my embarrassingly scruffy research notes, after two-and-a-half years, (I had left them untouched in a folder), I give you a general overview and opinion of what I had discovered. The role of Feminists was strong throughout, more visible to me now in hindsight. I haven’t revisited any of the websites to make comparisons.

Unsuspectingly browsing the European Multi-cultural Foundation linkspage, my starting-point and ‘back-door’, I had a look at, re:safe motherhood, which involved Sarah Brown, and National Alliances in Africa (?) and then the United Nations link. Wow, at least thirteen websites to visit there, the UN is involved in everything – World Trade, World Bank and IMF, Inter-Parliamentary Union, Women (no Men I note!)

Next the ‘Force for Change’ link ( had a list of interesting organisations on it’s linkspage, and being curious, I clicked on them – what on earth do those unusual names mean? Fortunately I printed that page, but found I couldn’t print the homepage although I noted the main points.

Worldwork and Mindells

The Global Process Institute was to present ‘an International Conference on environmental, social and political issues’, on April 13 – 19, 2011 in Denver, Colorado, USA. This conference would mark the 20th Anniversary of Worldwork. ‘Worldwork uses the awareness tools of Deep Democracy for small or large group conflicts, team building, community crisis intervention and facilitation of forums for human rights dialogue’. A quote from the Mindells : ‘Deep Democracy is our sense that the world is here to help us to become our entire selves, and that we are here to help the world to become whole.’ To me, that doesn’t make sense, a twist of words that leads nowhere. So what is there?

At the Mindell’s website, aamindell .net, it seems I read a blog, ‘The Power That Moves You’. The Mindells would hold ‘training workshops’ for ‘World Leaders’ (that was a shock for me!) before the Conference. First Training involves teachings of Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Native American belief systems. The Second Training follows ‘processmind’ and the Tao. ‘New meanings of compassion appear that help with personal complexes and public conflicts’. 

Amy Mindell wrote several books, such as ‘Riding The Horse Backwards’, ‘Coma, a Healing Journey’ and ‘The Dreaming Source of Creativity’. To me these are strange titles, they don’t make sense? I looked through all the advisors printed-off, and she was the only one who explained and taught ‘the concepts of Deep Democracy worldwide’. Her husband Arny is ‘known in the area of conflict management for his ‘Sitting In The Fire’ ‘- that reminds me now of Tony Blair’s ‘Firerush’!

Deep Democracy Institute

The Deep Democracy Institute of East Africa (deepdemocracyinstitute .org; ddi-eastafrica; deep-democracy .net), had a ‘unique’ programme based in Nairobi, Kenya, since 2009, which was ‘geared towards African leadership from a psychological perspective’. The ‘headquarter for DDI in Eastern Europe and Central Asia’ was DDI Ukraine ( ua). DDI International is ‘A Global Leadership Institute and Thinktank’, including ‘Worldwork Leadership’. I noted a quote, ‘You brought your business cards and mingled with influences passionate about changing the way the industry works’. I think about the dire economic situation currently prevailing.

Now I find their black Aboriginal-style logo of two crossed ‘lizards’ is akin to a hidden black cross, and the logo of a ball of scribbled lines with the word ‘welcome’ represents chaos. I wonder, welcome to chaos? Anna Cadden brought an influence from her work with Aborigines in Yuendumu, Australia and Warlpiri Media Association. Aborigines are very spiritual people and I now wonder if they know they have somehow inspired this movement!

There were many advisors, I saw the one who was supported by Hillary Clinton on the website then, Ambassador John W. McDonald. He was the Chairman and co-founder of IMTD, in Washington D.C., ‘which focuses on national and international ethnic conflicts’ (mentioned below under IMTD).

I noted with alarm African intellectuals making inroads in Africa and South Africa, Theo Nkone who had links to the SA government, and Lovemore Mbigi who had a consulting group ‘African Intellectual Resources, working in Africa and the USA. Another woman, Professor J.J. Hendricks, in California, ‘taught and consulted … intercultural conflict resolution and community change’. Rola Ibrahim JadAllah was a biologist involved in medical leadership programmes in Jerusalem and Palestine, also researching infertility infections, of all things!  Dieter Reichert was linked to Germany involved in an Information and Publishing System, communications technology and networks, with a holistic approach. Moses N. Ikiugu works between Kenya and USA, ‘his latest book entitled, Occupational science in the service of Gaia, published in 2008′, that’s clear Environmentalism and Ecopaganism to me.

The Hub

Maria Glauser from Paraguay in South America was one of the DDI advisors and co-director of The Hub in London. She is also a member of the ‘Cultivation Team of Pioneers of Change’, ‘an international youth network for systematic change’, and is involved in ‘frameworks that liberate’ and ‘re-imagine the social fabric of the world’. I still remember searching The Hub website and not being able to find who was behind it, the directors. I couldn’t find her at all and I realised the public couldn’t see who was behind this powerful new drive for change in the way business and creative people do things. I did have a look at who was staff instead.

I researched and found The Hub was in Johannesburg. Also, my notes read -‘ Alex Evans at the Centre on International Cooperation (CIC) – part of New York University, but he is based mainly in London. He runs the Scarcity, Security, Global Public Goods Program and focuses on issues including climate, resource scarcity, multilateral reform, resilience and international development. Blog : globaldashboard .org (global risk and foreign policy blog). Currently running a CIC project on follow-up to the London Summit, sponsored by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office; working on a Demos project on The New Diplomacy ( see http:// is. gd/zQc4) ‘.

I found Lycia Harper, Glow (?), We Are What We Do (wearewhatwedo .org, a movement set up in Kampala, Uganda), Greenpeace and Microsoft EMEA, ‘impact on world and ways to make positive change’. A widget used for ‘Green’ choices – ‘treemagotchi. nl’. Hub Gaza and Hub Madrid, Creative Society ‘LotfiEl-ghandouri, someone from Canada who traveled between Madrid in Spain and Montreal in Canada. Kevin Burden , ex-BBC who travelled to trouble-spots worldwide, easy to contact (but no idea what exactly he does!). Strangely, a website to do with food! G. Gomersbach, Stichting K-ETEN (k-eten .nl) I wondered if there was some child psychology hidden here, influencing their outlook perhaps? Kofi Annan with Soweto Mountain of Hope, a Hub collaboration. The Hub goals (the-hub .net) were basically to expand across four continents and were in twelve cities. 

Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy

The IMTD had Twelve Principles and I took notice of No.’s 9, 11 and 12. Some links were USAID, UNIFEM and UNDP. The Chairman was Ambassador John W.McDonald (as mentioned under DDI above).

Time hadn’t allowed me to print-off the pages, but two women had been mysteriously removed from the IMTD website when I went to look again. I had made notes the day before. Erica Sewell, ex-Director of IMTD, was writing extensively about a Liberian women’s peace movement. Dr Eileen Boris, Director of Training and Programme Development for IMTD, (dreileenborris .com – I’m not sure of the correct spelling of her surname) trained diplomats, peacekeepers and humanitarian organisations, and was involved in ‘international peacebuilding conflict resolution’. I wondered did she have a Buddhist influence, as the Dalia Lama had written forewords to her books? She was spokesperson for Fetzer Institutes – ‘Campaign for Love and Forgiveness’, findingforgiveness .blogstpot. com. Now I did notice something wrong then, with this extra ‘t’ in the url, but I would have to check again now.

Lengthy Conclusion!

At the time I was alarmed, I made notes of what I quickly analysed, as follows : ‘ Was DDI a hidden movement, did governments know this exists? Media manipulation could be subtle. IMTD and Worldwork talk about worldwide peace, but how do we actually live? What will be right and wrong, their treatment of criminals? The next generation will be embracing it’s values, be enslaved to it. This movement shatters what has been laid before it. In comparisons, DDI undermines and strangles other beliefs, ideologies and religions. Was it a tool for the USA to dominate the world while remaining hidden?

The method uses love and forgiveness as a way of organising thoughts. People aren’t forced to choose their way. However, the IMTD Twelve Principles (no’s 9, 11, 12) explained that some technology was given as help, a show of generosity, but then the people or organisation etc, had to join in as a ‘partnership’. The IMTD basically embeds itself in their system, they must be fully obeyed for it to work and benefit. I was concerned, especially as the US Ambassador was involved. On my closer scrutiny I felt the Mindell’s had created a ‘cult’ that the USA was using for dominance worldwide, over leaders of other countries. I tried to identify their purpose.’ These Principles of IMTD were changed overnight literally to Nine, but on the last page it is clearly printed ‘twelve basic principles that IMTD adheres to’, I was fortunate for that error, I would never be believed otherwise!

‘So out of these eastern teachings a cult-like business had arisen in Worldwork. Denver was an expensive venue, who pays for leaders to be initiated there? This set-up may have been used by the USA to penetrate vulnerable societies anywhere. In my opinion then, I didn’t see any discipline or progress in this movement, apart from it’s so-called ‘peace initiatives’ which seemed to cause strife instead and aimed to topple governments in a secretive way. There was no discussion about morals, law and order but their show of ‘love’ hid these vital aspects.’

‘I noticed the advisors had expertise in specific areas which would assist in setting-up of new governments and societies, through these people there were links to East Africa, Britain, Germany, Middle East and USA. What would be their influence to a country’s governance and therefore the consequence? I realised no-one could prove an undermining action from these ‘hidden people’ or ‘advisors’. Individuals could be targeted to cause distress. Could it enter the Justice, Financial, Education systems and Media? I made a note of ‘Judges’ and ‘Baroness Scotland’, and I know that was regarding a Human Rights influence, I was going to go back to it, also Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International.’

‘I definitely questioned the transparency of DDI and IMTD, as their influence becomes embedded legally and systems don’t operate independently, they take control. The public couldn’t see from the websites what was behind the scenes. They cast the net wide, infiltrating many organisations dealing with various injustices. But where does, or is there any, material or financial support come from? I know the Hub was linked to the Arts Council because of the contemporary arts aspect, I have received a glossy brochure myself! The link to DDI couldn’t be detected in The Hub by the public.’

‘While governments had been looking at threats in other directions, this movement was quietly growing, infiltrating the system and remaining permanently fixed, as it clearly stated as one of it’s principles’ that I had read then. I wrote – ‘ The kind of society and governance created was loving and promotes forgiveness, but what about morals? Immorality is a human right, criminals have rights too but how far do we go? Once strife is created, law and order can be overturned. Surely, the way this movement is run raises questions. Does it allow a criminal element – is it’s behaviour transparent to Governments, have they endorsed it’s principles? ‘

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